Milky Way

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let there be Light

I find shortcomings in the understanding of the Creator. I will expound. The Light that is sent to our world comes in many frequencies and intensities. Light contains codes which are messengers. These messengers determine everything that happens in our world. We can be grateful for the message or we can fight against it. But it will do no good for us to fight against what is inevitable. It is a scientific fact that plants respond to different frequencies of Light and also intensity. Animals are no different. But there is a power that sends forth the Light, it does not propagate itself. Light may be the fastest phenomena that we can detect but Thought is faster. Let there be Light.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

time travel

I decide to go on a trip around the earth in my jet which goes 25,000 mph cruising speed. I take off from Bogota, Columbia on Monday April 25th at 9am going east into the stratosphere. I continue going around the planet 24 times and land at Bogota 9am April 26th. However everyone else tells me the date is May 19th. How did I lose 23 days? Did I go back to the future?