Milky Way

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let there be Light

I find shortcomings in the understanding of the Creator. I will expound. The Light that is sent to our world comes in many frequencies and intensities. Light contains codes which are messengers. These messengers determine everything that happens in our world. We can be grateful for the message or we can fight against it. But it will do no good for us to fight against what is inevitable. It is a scientific fact that plants respond to different frequencies of Light and also intensity. Animals are no different. But there is a power that sends forth the Light, it does not propagate itself. Light may be the fastest phenomena that we can detect but Thought is faster. Let there be Light.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

time travel

I decide to go on a trip around the earth in my jet which goes 25,000 mph cruising speed. I take off from Bogota, Columbia on Monday April 25th at 9am going east into the stratosphere. I continue going around the planet 24 times and land at Bogota 9am April 26th. However everyone else tells me the date is May 19th. How did I lose 23 days? Did I go back to the future?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Doppler effect of Light

Elmer, conceive this: the speed of light you measure with your human tools is your perspective here on Earth, it is the result of a doppler effect. You merely observe a doppler effect of light passing, you do not perceive the first but the last. You only see the effect of the force which is light as electromagnetic radiation. You have no way of measuring or even comprehending what is ahead of the light. Something must be ahead of the light, at the very beginning. Sort of like a surfer hanging ten on a board just ahead of the wave. Or just go back to chasing rabbits of relativity.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Force

I believe a lot of this speculation is based on the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang supposes that matter is lumped together than explodes with Light emanating of course. Actually there was Light in the beginning and matter arose when Light (energy) slowed down. If all you believe that exists is Energy you must have a very shallow life here on Earth. Light is a messenger of a Force. You can designate all kinds of names for this Force. But the Force exists and is undeniable. Just try leaving Planet Earth by jumping. You do not get very far. Gravity is a result of electromagnetic wavefronts. These wavefronts are generated by Light. Light excites matter in its direction of force. Light excites chloroplasts to create sugars. Light makes possible life here on earth. But the speed of Light is finite, however the speed of the Force is infinite and instantaneous.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Excerpt from Return of the Ancient Mariners

The night was dark with no moon. The stars were very bright, and they seemed so close. We gathered dead wood near the shore and started a roaring fire.

“Tim, look at the compass, look to the north star.”

Tim looked up to the sky. To the north was a bright star, it was larger and brighter than Polaris. Also this star was not at the tail end of Ursa Minor. Rather it was the tail end of Cygnus, constellation of the swan.

“Phil, what is that star? It is not familiar to me.”

“That my friend, is Deneb of the constellation Cygnus. It is now the polestar. Vega and Altair flank it to form a triangle of bright stars.”

“Yes I recognize the triangle but how can we have a new polestar?”

“If it doesn’t move tonight then it is the north star, the polestar.”

“But that is impossible, Polaris is always true north.”

“Apparently, the Earth has moved to a new position. I have been watching the sky for hours and Deneb has been steady at true north.”

“Phil do you see that bright star in Cygnus? Wow, it glows and just look at the spectacular colors emanating from it!”

“Yes I did notice it, I believe it is a supernova and the colors you see are clouds of stardust.”

“Really, it is a supernova like the Crab Nebula? That is amazing!”

“You don’t know yet how amazing it really is. I think we are now witnessing the beginning of the Cygnus Loop. A giant star exploded thousands of years ago.”

“Holy mackerel, how can that be? That would mean we are living in the past, somehow. We are transported.”

“The stars point to our transport more than halfway across the galaxy. Supernovas disperse and expand through time and space at a set rate. Also Deneb is now closest to true north not Polaris. It all has to do with the precession of the equinoxes.”