Milky Way

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Force

I believe a lot of this speculation is based on the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang supposes that matter is lumped together than explodes with Light emanating of course. Actually there was Light in the beginning and matter arose when Light (energy) slowed down. If all you believe that exists is Energy you must have a very shallow life here on Earth. Light is a messenger of a Force. You can designate all kinds of names for this Force. But the Force exists and is undeniable. Just try leaving Planet Earth by jumping. You do not get very far. Gravity is a result of electromagnetic wavefronts. These wavefronts are generated by Light. Light excites matter in its direction of force. Light excites chloroplasts to create sugars. Light makes possible life here on earth. But the speed of Light is finite, however the speed of the Force is infinite and instantaneous.

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